A Modding adventure. (Calling all Minecrafters)


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Nov 13, 2020
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Yeah, I will probably give each breed the same data as a chicken but they would technically be different mobs, meaning different spawn eggs for each, different models, etc....
would you make a spawn egg for each variety, or a spawn egg for each breed?
You have to make a flarry eye gray rooster!! It would be so cute.
ooh yes! but if you make a rooster you should make a hen. aand... uh... envermind


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May 21, 2020
-Orpingtons (requirements: single comb, pink legs, red earlobes) Egg color: pale brown
-leghorns (requirements: large single comb, yellow legs, white earlobes) Egg color: white
-rhode island red (requirements: single comb, yellow legs, red earlobes) Egg color: medium brown
-black copper marans (requirements: pink legs, single comb, reddish coloring around neck, red earlobes) Egg color: dark brown
-australorp (requirements: slate legs, red earlobes, single comb) egg color: light brown
-columbian brahma (requirements: larger size, feathered legs, dark around neck and tail, flat comb)
-cochin (requirements: feathered legs, round, small comb) egg color: light brown, less frequent layer

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