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    Jul 14, 2010
    I Have A Rir Rooster And Last Night, Introduced A Silkie Rooster So My Silkie Hens Can Have A Mate. We Kept Him In A Separate Cage In The Coop For The Night So There Was Not A War. This Morning When We Let Them Out To Free Range, The Rir And The Silkie Rooster Met Almost Instantly. The Silkie Did A Little Dance And The Rir Puffed Up His Neck Feathers And We Had A Battle On Our Hands. The Silkie Pounced At The Rir And In Return For Bumped A Few Times And Ran Away. The Silkie Spent Most Of The Day Alone. He Followed The Silkie Hens For Only A Little While.
    Will The Roosters Eventually Get Along Once They Realize They Are Not After The Same Hens??
    How Did They Know That They Were Both Roosters That Quickly Without Seeing Each Other Before And Looking So Different?
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    Roosters of one breed do not stay with hens of that one breed. A chicken is a chicken and will mate with any hen he likes. Also, they may look very different but a rooster knows another rooster when he sees one just like I may know another man, even if he has long hair or different bodily features. If you want to have offspring from these Silkies, I suggest putting them in another pen together. Otherwise, your roosters may never get along and could end up stressing each other out or one could kill the other. There is a possibility they could get along but I wouldn't take the chance with a bantam vs. large fowl bird.
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    I second the motion.[​IMG]
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    The RIR could eventually do in the silkie...

    I'd keep them separate.

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