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Anita Scott

May 21, 2017
Thornfield, MO
View attachment 1630103 I started out with 5 guineas. With the help of the incubator the flock is staying around 30 for the past 2 years.
Last winter we added 10 mixed breed chickens. 2 were eliminated for dinner since they had a bad attitude. Still have 2 roosters and 6 hens. They are a various mix of banty and red and black.
This year, I will be adding 10 bronze turkeys. My husband liked the bronze.

So far the chickens have their own coop and run. The guineas like to visit the chickens. The guineas have a much larger and higher coop. Sometimes the chickens like to roost in the guinea coop and sometimes some of the guineas occasionally decide to roost in a big cedar tree by the house.

Any advice on adding the turkeys will be appreciated. The turkey is new to me, but it seems that I learned alot about native turkey habits from my guinea flock. I am kind of thinking that they should do well with the guineas. Just not sure about the size difference.
Many articles on here say that they all just like to socialize together at their will. I need a starting point.

I will be incubating chick eggs early in Feb, getting the poults the beginning of March, then start incubating guinea keets to sell after my chicks hatch out. Usually the beginning of March.


Great Horny Toads
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Jul 16, 2015
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I have no clue about keeping them with guinea. I wouldn't keep turkeys with chickens. I've had turkeys kill a chicken, and they will chase and harass mine when I let them out.

I do know it's a really bad idea to raise turkeys with other species past a few weeks as they will form a bond and see the other species as the same. During fights the turkey will always win. They are relentless.

Lots of folks will say it works for them, and it probably does until it doesn't, than you have dead birds. Just my 2 cents on turkeys. They are wonderful interesting birds but they are also emotional bullies.

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