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    May 24, 2017
    Looking for advice. I received 4 young hens (10 weeks old) from my neighbor. She had already mixed the young ones with her old ones. We're putting our 4 new ones in a separate run until they get a little bigger. A day later we noticed one of them had blood in her stool. We gave that one back to our neighbor and it died a couple days later. We treated the other 3 immediately with antibiotics for coccidiosis. We treated them for 2 weeks and they seem completely healthy, no blood in her stool. We now want to introduce them to the rest of our chickens so that they are all in one coop. I am worried they will get the disease again or/also give our old ones the disease. Is there anything I should do before I combine them or should I just go for it and pray everyone stays fine.
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    As Kiki said you treat cocci with amprolium, which is not an antibiotic
    cocci mostly affects young birds, it is most important to keep bedding dry and clean. I have found and seen that cocci LOVES damp bedding
    they will probably be fine with the older chickens but you could do a preventative treatment dose in their water while integrating

    Good Luck!!
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