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    Jul 13, 2011
    So we are new to chickens and are only allowed to have 4 hens. Of course one is s Rooster! So we gave the Rooster to a cool lady with a farm and now he is free ranging in a pen with 2 goats. The new owner just email me this...Her/his name was and still is Grandma nut....

    Quick question…any suggestions for when a rooster gets cranky? Grandma has been starting to become what seems to be territorial. He has been pecking at me quite a bit in the last few days. He’ll peck my ankles while I’m feeding the goats, when I was sitting on the tree stump in the pen with a goat on my lap he pecked my elbow really hard…just to name a couple times. I’m not quite sure how to read what’s happening, but I’m worried about letting people near him. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!
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    Give him a light cuff around the head when he does it....equivalent to a human "peck". It doesn't hurt them but it sure gets their attention. Remember to pull your punch, so to speak....a light cuff or you'll knock him cockeyed! [​IMG] Pun intended.... [​IMG]

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