Air cell


Sep 14, 2018
I have 6 eggs in a janoel12 incubator. 4 of which are completely dark. Cannt see even the air cell when candling. They are due to hatch tomorrow, but I am not seeing any movement in the egg, or hear any peeping. I am concerned they won't hatch and dies because the egg was so small the air cell just disappeared. Are they still alive? I was looking forward to this for a long time.

Please help!!
Update: one of them is hatching!!! Very slowly.. it has a little triangular spot of shell that is moving in and out adorably.
Is anyone going to reply?
Without pictures, it's hard to know what you were describing. Eggs don't always move before they hatch. Now that you have a pip you must leave them alone and wait patiently. The pip is the air hole to the outside world. The chick still has to absorb its yolk and gain strength for the next step, which could take 12 to 24 hrs. Good luck!

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