an old family friend was murdered


9 Years
Mar 26, 2010
In Van Nuys CA a family friend, James B Turner, was beaten up a while ago over a fence for crying out loud!! I learned 2 days ago he'd been taken off life support. Apparently someone was angry about a fence that had been built denying access to a pond this thug liked to watch frogs at. he mistakenly thought that Jim built iot, which he didn't. Jim was 71 years old! I grew up with his children! I'm horrified! I cant believe it. who beats up an old man over a fence?!
I'll tell you who: Somebody mentally unstable.
yeah & wit me dad being a lawyer I know this creep witll plead not guilty by insanity, get a wee slap on the wrist!!! +Nobody will tell me the name of the suspect because they know I'd pluck his eyeballs out & shove them--------er......
I'm so sorry for you and your friend's family. People just don't understand what is unacceptable any more. We are so saturated by violence these days, we just accept it as the norm. It is not...
So sad. A prayer for the family. I read a story where a neighbor shot another in the knee cap over a fence.Another shot over a video camera set up to see who was throwing rocks at his pets. Poor families have to live next to these neighbors while they wait for the trials.
Found out the name of the suspect, Cody Feilel. I'm still so mad, poor ole Jim. And this twerp is pleading not guilty even tho the cops found him with Jim's blood all over him, a bloody log, oooh grrrrrr!!!

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