Any Home Bakers Here?


Apr 5, 2015
Appleton, MN
I baked no knead bread today. Lots of recipes in the index for that type of bread. I used my Romertoff clay baker.

I used the fold method after the bread proofed at 75 degrees about 15 hours. I raised the temperature to 85F and folded every 20 minutes for about 4 folds. I dropped it into the banneten and floured the sides

View attachment 2006375

I let it raise for 45 minutes and then dropped it into the pre heated clay baker

It baked for 30 minutes at 425 and then another 15 minutes with the lid off

View attachment 2006378

It is cooling now
View attachment 2006379
Beautiful loaf!
He got 7 rolls and we've had a couple, excellent of course. Here's a pic of his results
View attachment 2007351
Beautiful also!


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Mar 31, 2011
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My Coop
What’s everyone making for dinner tonight?
We’re attempting to eat lots from our over-crowded cupboards and freezers before doing any substantial grocery shopping again!!!
So tonight it’s chili night! Leftover ground beef and 2 of the 20-some cans of beans from the cabinet. Plus it’s sort of healthy! Much needed for my attempts at weight loss this new year!!!
We had breaded pork cutlets. One of them was gluten free for my youngest DD. She liked them!


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Dec 12, 2013
Do you use white or brown sugar NFC? I thought brown?
I use white granulated sugar in the cookies.

Ten minutes of, "turn it, fold it, push it away" and the kiddo has produced a nice ball of dough. We're making one loaf of bread and a dozen rolls. He also learned not to start scalding milk, then take a phone call and forget it. Oopsie.
He thinks it's clever to use the heating pad as a warm place to let the dough rise.View attachment 2007194View attachment 2007195View attachment 2007197
Forgot to add the finished result quote, but he did very well! His bread and rolls look delicious. Way to go Grammy, keep it up and you'll have more help in the kitchen! And he's learning things that will come to good use when he's an adult :)
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