Any ideas on breed(s)?


Mar 12, 2018
This handsome boy just showed up for breakfast this morning. If we don't find the owner, we may consider keeping him, and we'd like to know what breed, or mix of breeds, he may be. Thanks!
No idea on breed, (some sort of icelandic, maybe?) but he is a handsome boy. I'd do a full mite/parasite inspection before letting him free-range with your flock, though.

EDT: I did not mean Icelandic, but from near Iceland. There're a couple breeds with (to me) unpronouncable and therefore unmemorable names that originate in the north. Sorry if that confused anyone.
Bielefelders! That's the name of the breed I'm thinking!

Obviously not my picture. They're from Germany.

EDT: If this is him, it's probably a cross. Your boys wattles are smaller.

Also, Orps come in red crele too. He'd be a hatchery quality, if that were true.

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