Any special plans for MLK?


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I work for half a day tomorrow. I'll probably go hiking and then we get ready to send son #3 off on his mission for two years to Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Son #2 gets home from his 25 months in Hungary a month from today.
I pretty much have tomorrow off except for a few pressing details, so, Lord willin', it'll be a relaxing afternoon with an easy dinner later on with family.
Too bad there aren't some more football games on today.

That San Francisco vs. Saints was a WILD RIDE!
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Tear down three transmissions, wash the gears, deliver two transmissions to a automotive shop in the next county.
pour some concrete,set some fence,put a freezeplug in the ol truck,then maybe a chicken dinner and a game.
The kids and I will learn a bit more about MLK. I am going to start working on the house since dh gave the thumbs up to sell it(woohooooo).

Hungary huh? Hope he had a nice time. I have not been there since 1991.So much has changed since it went from socialist to capitalist. I am sad my kids will never get to experience it as I did as a child.Village life had been so relaxing/simplistic,and the food was the BEST.
I teach school, the kids are off today, but we have teacher trainings all day. I am off for lunch, about to go to another training at 12:00 until 3:00.

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