anyone have a pet turkey?


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
I've seen alot of turkeys that are too cute and wondering if anyone has a pet turkey. Is so, what kind and how's its temperment??
Yep, Her name is Mrs. Blue Berry Blue, and she's a Blue Slate hen. She follows you everywhere and wants to be held all the time, cute when she was a Poult, not as much now as a full size hen, LOL.

She's the one giving that cute look on my website...he he
Got a neat 10 month old Royal Palm hen who will run right up to us and lay her head across my arm and wait to be rubbed and cuddled. The rest of the toms and hens are a bit standoffish but she is a sweety.
I had a Standard Bronze last year who was the sweetest thing, he'd come up walking in the house he thought he was a dog. my son who is 5 could run right up to him and hug him. He used to lay by him when my son was playing in his sandbox. Unfortunately we had to get rid of him. now we have a 2 week old bbb turkey who is very sweet also loves to be held once you get him in your hands he can hardly stay awake.
I have a 10 month old White Royal Palm tom. He used to sit on our shoulder and watch tv. He is now wayyyy to big for that but loves to be in front of the camera. Anytime he sees one he is strutting his stuff!!
We have a standard bronze hen. Waiting for the eggs. We love her but don't let her loose yet. Afraid she'll fly off.
Hmmmmm, ya'll really got me wanting one now. Don't the royal palms fly? I'd prefer a non-flying one. Guess I might started reading up:)
Royal Palms as well as the rest of the heritage and wild breeds can fly very well. If you are going to keep a turkey penned in a fully enclosed pen and never let it roam unattended then you can keep the wings clipped. If you intend to free roam a turkey do not clip the wings. Those wings are the only means of escape they have from a predator or a roaming dog. Clipping the wings on free ranging turkeys is pretty much a death sentence.
My kids fell in love with a tom that we call Clyde that we have had now for over 2 years and another that is named Tommy,that is turning 3 this year. Once you keep 'em around long enough they grow on you and they have some very different personalities. They even play with the kids, a game that the kids call turkey chase. They run after them and then turn and run and the two will run after them till the kids turn and then they run, it is actually very funny to watch. They even love playing with our ferocious French Buggon. We thought Lola (dog) was fast until one day her and the two toms had a race and man them toms whooped her hands down, as they think they can play fetch when I throw her ball ???
I've got 16, they don't even go in, they live in the pine trees, its great to see the flock round a cornor when someone new is over and can't belive they are not locked up, 'Don't they run away"


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