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Anyone have Scottish Highland cattle??

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by MsMcChick, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. MsMcChick

    MsMcChick Songster

    Oct 3, 2007
    I just picked up a yearling heifer, and my best friend got a 90 day bred cow last night at the auction. I had LOTSA fun chasing her after she busted out of the pen (cattle panel's...went right through em'), and whew, she's just a barrel of monkeys so far! [​IMG] Just wondered if anyone else on here had them...so we can swap stories! ~Tracy
  2. mountaintopchicken

    mountaintopchicken Songster

    May 23, 2007
    My 90-something year old neighbor has them. He loves raising them and handles them regularly - he is known for raising and selling gentle ones.

    I worked on a farm that had them, and they were not handled much at all. Boy were they handfuls when the vet came!
  3. Katy

    Katy Flock Mistress

    Check out backyardcows.com. It's a sister site to BYC and there's a link to it at the bottom of the page.
  4. Let me guess. She looked like this:


    My friend sent me this cute photo of her yearling Highlander going top speed. [​IMG]
  5. iajewel

    iajewel Songster

    Oct 22, 2008
    Corning IA
    I started the International Riding Steer Assn years ago, and a few members do have the Highlands to ride. Those that have them love them. Temperment however is genetic and if yours is wild.. she may take a bit to calm down. Most Highlands are very tame and easy going however. I have been trying to buy one for 2yrs now. This past year the breeder had one all picked out for me and everything. Then it started to rain.. he told me when the feild dried up and the rain stopped he would call. Wouldn't you know it this was the year Iowa turned into Water World .. so... no heifer and I have to wait another year for the age I wanted.
    What color is your heifer? got pics?
  6. greyfields

    greyfields Crowing

    Mar 15, 2007
    Washington State
    It's the only breed I see running wild in the North Yorkshire Moors where my wife comes from. We seriously considered getting them when we started our flock; but our climate isn't that severe. We went with larger creatures.
  7. MsMcChick

    MsMcChick Songster

    Oct 3, 2007
    I have no pics yet, she came home in the dark last night (hence the fear factor) and she is dark brown, going to be black i think, but yes, she quite resembles the picture posted!! My class and i laughed soo hard when we saw that, thanks for posting! I think she may tame down ok, she let me touch her all over last night after we settled her in the horse trailer (temporairly the only place i could think of to keep her in, guarnteed!) , and other than kicking me once after she got in there, she was a real sweetie. I'd be scared too going through the auction process, being seperated from the herd then tossed in with a bunch of white critters that say baa'baaa'! Then getting loose in the dark, chased by a big yellow dog and 4 people...she had reason to be foaming like a rabid critter! I can't imagine what she thought of us [​IMG] I hope to get some pics this weekend!
  8. momofdrew

    momofdrew Songster

    No but I sure would like to if ever I try my hand a cattle it will be Highland cows...they are beautiful...
  9. My neighbor and friend has probably 100 of them. His wife goes out and brushes their hair and really babies them. They have names for every one of their Highlanders and for the most part theirs are all really tame. My neighbor refers to them as his "Hippie Cows." [​IMG] My DH claims that the calves look like teddy bears!

    Congrats on your Highlander! [​IMG]
  10. MsMcChick

    MsMcChick Songster

    Oct 3, 2007
    Thanks, i think i'll have fun.

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