Anyone try the blood type or Genotype diet? For health reasons...


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For several years, I have been interested in the blood type diet and more recently the genotype diet (a more refined diet based on the blood type diet from the same doctor). I am wondering if any of you have tried either one. Any luck with it? I have read the books and biologically it makes sense.

I am not interested in it for weight loss reasons, but for health. If I lost a few lbs along the way, great, but my main concern is my husband. He is 41 years old and has been pre-diabetic for years now (actively monitored by his doctor). His doctor said he is predisposed and basically screwed. My husband is 6'1, 175 lbs and very active. So, the stereotypical lose weight and exercise don't apply to him. Both of his parents are diabetic and it runs on his dad's side. He likes to eat healthy, but craves sugar (he tries to cut them). He plans to start cutting sugars drastically, but overall, he is concerned about his health. His blood sugar roller coasters bad. If he eats "bad" for a few days, he feels it (to him, eating healthy is lean meat or fish with steamed veggies, so "bad" doesn't necessarily mean pizza and potato chips..of course, there are some of those days too). After his "bad" days, he gets roller coaster blood sugar (still below the diabetic level, but above normal). He'll get the low blood sugar that causes really bad dizzy spells with hot flashes and sometimes nausea with it. He's getting very frustrated with it. His fasting glucose continues to stay in the pre-diabetic level, but they are slowing increasing a the years go by (he gets blood work about every 6 months and the doctors office keeps them in graphical form to show the changes). When he goes strict on his eating healthy, his blood glucose doesn't change (which the doctor says that he truly does eat healthy and has told DH that he wishes his other patients were as health conscious as DH...too bad it isn't helping him).

Hence, we are considering the blood type/genotype diet. Any one have experience or no of someone who has?

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Interesting! Never heard of it before..
I think i'm O- or O +... (its the type that anyone can i think its -)

Got a link??
I had asked my doctor about it and he says he has a colleague who swears by it for her patients. He, however, refuses to try it since it would require him cutting his favorite foods.
Hey all--- Dr. D'Adamo is a man ahead of his time. He is quite amazing. I have been following the A secretor diet, then the Warrior diet and now I have an individual SWAMI ( a personalized diet just for me), for over 20 years. He has a computer program that you input a bunch of data to get your personalized diet. I encourage everyone to give it a try for at least 3 months and watch your body change ( ad your mind as well)

Lots to read about on the website at from the more scientific minded to just the basics.


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