anyone work for the PO? I need advice before I go nuts

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Apr 18, 2009
ok. We are moving and have bought property. It is out in the woods and the mailbox is one of those metal boxes at the end of the road. I put in for a new key to be made and upon picking it up, the PO master noticed I was not living there and would not give me the key!!!!! The farm is 10 acres and already a LLC in the state of florida so I know I wil lbe getting mail. He told me I had to stop everytime I go through town wait in line to see if he is holding mail for me? He said the property is vacant so he will not deliver it at all. I told him we are there atleast once a week. The PO cust. service told me there is no such ruling and he can not do that. Trying to get through to the Consumer Aff. number is crazy! Any suggestions on what I can do?
First, ask him to cite the postal regulation that gives him the authority to not deliver your mail. Then inform him that the property is NOT vacant, and that if he withholds your mail, you will report him. Then ask to speak with his supervisor.

Definitions I founds for "vacant":

3. Not occupied or put to use: a vacant lot.

10. Law .
a. having no tenant and devoid of furniture, fixtures, etc. ( distinguished from unoccupied): a vacant house.

6a : not put to use <vacant land>

4.untenanted, as a room or house
a.unoccupied or unused, as land
b.having no claimant, as an estate or succession
c.not yet granted, as public lands

You are the occupant/tenant & user of the property. That fact that you are not living there full-time is irrelevant. One can make a case that you are living there the portion of the time that you are there, regardless of whether you stay overnight or not :lol
I have done all that. Cust. Affairs just called and they are looking into it as well. He is the post master as well. when I asked who his boss was/reported to, he told me my boss is in Wash. DC. and smiled. I almost lost it....
Ask for a direct phone number to the boss, and that you do not need an 800 number; you want a number that will ring at his or his secretary's desk, thank you very much.

By the way, how does he KNOW that the property is "vacant"? If you previously said "we are moving into this address," go back and say, "we have MOVED IN; deliver our MAIL!"

Hmmm, I wonder if you could report him for mail theft as he is refusing to deliver the mail?
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When you asked "does anyone WORK for the post office" my first thought was no then I read the rest of the post and I think I would speak to someone higher up.
Just be careful... if this guy is the postmaster and will remain the postmaster, you want to be in good graces. Since you know he is already questionable in his ethics, I'd treat him with kid gloves.
You don't want your business to have trouble because of this jerk.
My mom said " you cant get mail on a vacant piece of property, You have to have a fire number, other wise people would do frod, Get a PO box. You have to live there, not come thee once a week."

Good luck
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Holy Cow !! I would have almost lost it to but try to remember that if you send or receive egg shipments he will most likely see them if it is a small post office !!

I had a similar experience with our cabin's maill up here in Northern Wisconsin. We applied for a coupon for one of the digital TV converter boxes. It never got there. Long story short after calling the PO they told me that it was against the law to have mail sent there since we weren't living there.

That was a few years ago so I don't remember the exact details or outcome but my late parents have had the cabin for over 40 years and they always got mail there. I guess the converter coupon wasn't sent first class so they didn't have to deliver it either !!

That was so irritating, if you plan on spending a week at a time at the cabin you aren't going to install cable or a dish so the next best thing was the converter box.
To be honest I think someone was pocketing those cards and selling the boxes !!!

I'm lucky since I moved up here from SE WI I don't have the same PO as our Cabin does.
My PO is so helpful and kind and I want to keep it that way since I will be getting eggs in a few weeks and I've been sending them as well. I don't envy your situation.
I would have been so tempted to tell him, Yeah and goverment jobs are being cut right and left !!! Good thing he isn't working in WI right now !! LOL
GEEZZ Some People !!!
Good luck and do keep us posted.

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