Approaching dealer about car issue?


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
Has anyone dealt with going to a dealership with a complaint about your (new) car?What is the process when you are not happy with the responses you get?

Dh got me a car last year(prius) and I really feel there is something not right with the paint job on this car. I set up an appointment to take it in WED,and noted it was to get a *written evaluation of the body paint*. There are nicks in the paint down to the metal.Thought it was the hood only,but am finding it all over after washing the car yesterday. I told dh I really hate washing the car,because I see all the scratches and nicks. I always said my moms Corolla(that is 11 years old) has a better body condition than my new car. And yesterday I told dh that even his former Ford ranger(another 99) looked better,and we hauled all sorts of stuff in it.

I don't expect the dearlership/service center to admit any fault with the paint.No one ever likes to admit fault.I dealt with than when our new roof leaked-warranties mean nothing to so many that tout them.I am sure they will say it is just normal wear and tear,but I have never had so much obdy damage on a new car.

We waited so long to buy a new car.It stinks when you end up with something of poor quality. Depending on how this issue is handled maybe dh will consider getting a different car even if it means taking a loss.It does get 52 mpg,so someone will hopefully want it.

I did buy some touch up paint but will not mess with the car till I have it looked at.I told dh at this rate of damage we will have more paint touch up dabs on the car than normal paint.
If there is a paint problem and your car is under 3 years of age it should be covered by factory warranty at least all mine are,
Now if the car was bought used but new and has had any body work this can void the factory warranty.
Wow, good luck with that. I have never dealt with paint issues, but anytime I have taken my car in for warranty stuff, I was treated correctly, and got my vehicle back same day. One time it was going to take a longer time, and they provided me with a rental car, and do you know, I only had that rental car for a few hours!
I bought a truck in 2003 from a dealership that was sub par. I had to go in and get some things fixed - the taillight was filling with water for one. My dealership did give me a runaround, so I contacted the GM customer service line. In the end, the dealership did repair it.

Call the dealership, make an appointment with someone with customer service/repair and explain what is up. If you don't get satisfaction, contact the car maker and ask for assistance. You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I've had a LOT of good luck with resolution when doing that!
Thanks for the posts! I will look at the warranty later today.We bought the car brand new last August.
you may want to take the car to an independent collision place and have them do an inspection and report.... it may cost you a hundred bucks but it may be the difference in getting it fixed ie. whole new paint job... and getting the run around and for goodness sakes take pictures...

then call toyota... ask for a fax number of the customer service department, ask who you can send this independent report to

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