Are there any human leftovers that you wouldn't feed your chickens?

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    I am new to chicken keeping, and in the past, my family has been extremely bad about wasting food. The chickens have helped with that a lot! But I'm unsure if maybe I am feeding them some things that I shouldn't be.'s leftovers removed from the fridge were:

    Beef stew (carrots and potatoes)
    Chili (pinto, black and white beans, tomatoes, beef, turkey)
    And...chicken noodle soup..

    Ew...they liked the chicken soup the best, and chili the least. They finished both the chicken soup and beef stew, and left the chili.

    Are these OK things to offer them, maybe once or twice a week? I have 4 hens and each soup had less than a human serving left.

    What about lasagne and other pasta with sauce?

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    foods not to feed your chickens

    Raw green potato peels
    Toxic substance called Solanine.
    Anything real salty
    Can cause salt poisoning in small bodies such as chickens.

    Dried or undercooked Beans
    Raw, or dry beans, contain a poison called hemaglutin which is toxic to birds.
    Avocado Skin and Pit

    Skin and pit have low levels of toxicity.
    Raw eggs
    You don’t want to introduce your chickens to the tastiness of eggs which may be waiting to be collected in the nestboxes.
    Candy, Chocolate, Sugar
    Their teeth will rot… No, it’s just bad for their systems, and chocolate can be poisonous to most pets.

    my chickens love and go mad for cooked egg , tomatoes , cooked left over veg but mealworms they love the most . they still have the grower pellets and corn with the mealworms for a balanced diet oh and a scratch around the garden [​IMG]
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    The only thing I dont feed my chickens is chicken (you dont eat your relatives) . Just this morning (friday in Australia) I cleaned out the fridge and they got bread, oil from the tuna, canned dog food (which they love), cabbage lettuce carrots and any left over cut fruit.They dont like citrus. Even if they dont like it a lot if youy leave it on the groung it will get eaten eventually. What doesnt get eaten by the chooks goes into the compost. They love bones left over from dinner and I have given mine stews and casseroles as well. They love those. Mine get a range of scraps daily as well as their feed that I buy from the produce shop. I also feed mine the shells back. I usually microwave them for a minute then crush them back into the scrap bucket. They must be crushed or they will start to peck at their eggs. I also know people that dont bother to microwave them first and their hens dont peck the eggs. I also have sticky pads in thehouse for any roaches that I might have and when I get any I flick them into the bucket also. They also fight over these. All for one they are all for me(hen) mentality. Good luck with your birds. Happy feeding.
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    I wouldn't recomend letting them have onion or garlic because I have heard that those foods will give the eggs an off - flavor. Though, I've never had a problem giving them anything else. Mine absolutely LOVE macaroni and cheese ;)

    Oh, and I also give them leftover ground beef and chicken. They are omnivores after all.
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    In my experience chickens tend not to eat things they either don't like or that are not good for them (styrofoam excluded). So I just throw out any kitchen leftovers and let them decide whether to eat them or not.
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    Styrofoam excluded! [​IMG]

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    If you can eat it, they can eat it. Like you they may find something unappealing & will leave it but there is no people food that will harme them; chicken included.
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    Nothing spoiled, rotten, rancid or moldy.

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    Pretty much eat everything (even my daughters sugary cereal leftovers with milk - I mix it with their feed to balance it abit) they LOVE left over spagehtti noodles ( I think they think they are worms) and great for dog food that has been left over/ scattered on the ground by our dogs,mine loved baked beans (we have too many leftovers as well, maybe they did not like the chili spice in the chili mentioned before), old scrambled eggs too...( I occassionally bring home old meals from the hospital I work at)...

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    Whew the title "are there any HUMAN leftovers that you wouldn't feed your chickens," really threw me. I was afraid this was about Hannibal Lecter cleaning leftovers from his fridge.[​IMG]

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