Are we feeding right?

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bobby d

9 Years
Mar 10, 2010
Hello!! My husband and I feed our older chickens layer and the babies of course starter, with treats here and there. Now being that it's starting to get cooler should we change things up? Is layer enough for the birds? We just want to make sure that we have fat happy fluffy butts!!
Sounds like you are doing fine. I don't change anything in the winter except warm water during freezing temps.

Awesome!! We won't change a thing. We have been reading and listening to what people are feeding and we thought maybe we weren't giving enough. Thanks!!
I think that's a great idea. I think I just might have to try that too. Gosh all my girl's will go nuts!! They get treats every week, wether it be grapes, watermellon and their favorite cantalope. We have 1 thing where we have to fight the chickens off..Dog Food!! They go crazy over it!! We had to start locking up the shed to keep them out of it. We raise dogs so when we had out to feed them we usually have a train of chickens following behind. LOL!!
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