Australorp chicken laying tiny eggs

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Apr 4, 2022
Hi guys, I wanted to check with yall. We purchased a few layer hens a month or two ago and I've noticed that one of my australorps have been laying tiny eggs. I'll put a picture of the eggs. The one on the left is a egg from one of our other layers and the one of the right is the tiny egg layer by our australorp. Anyone know a reason for this? These layers we bought were bigger than the ones we bought before, the supplier said it was because they got a bigger rooster so idk if that could contribute to anything...


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Would you be able to put a quarter or something else uniform size in the shot and take a new picture for comparison?

Hopefully someone more experienced than myself will have an idea, but it's hard to have a good frame of reference if we are comparing her "tiny" egg to a... Possibly mutant giant rooster egg?? lol. Thanks! :)

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