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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by call ducks, Mar 27, 2010.

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    If your not having fun......................its time to do something else!
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    Wecome! nice post! sorry you cant have more :(
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    That is one of the great traits in the Australorps, we grab them up, pet them, put them down and they come back for more!
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    I lost an one of my Cackle girls this weekend. She was 2.5 years old. I live in California and even though I was fairly sure the heat had killed her, I took her in for a free Necropsy.

    She died of Fatty Liver disease. One of the other Cackle hens died of the same thing at 9 months old.

    This is the Necropsy Report:
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    Ross! so glad your on the mend! good to hear from you again! Cheers!
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    Jun 30, 2009
    Waverly, NY
    Bob whitney gave me that rooster..he is east coast champion australorp breeder...hes one of those guys that is bar none the nicest guy you will ever meet, will give you the shirt off his back..but hes a tiger in the show ring..his australorp are very hard to beat..people travel from all over for their aussie year they had 29 would really like bob..he wins the best sportsmanship trophy every year..because we all vote for him..the australorp used to belong to his son who died of cancer years ago..but bob keeps them going..hes really a langshan man..from what i understand they got them a long time ago from a very old exhibition line from mass...they just keep them going..i never really found good hens for ben..i could have gotten some from bob, but thats his going to do the blk orp..i did find a couple ok hens..sent some eggs to la ..little kids down there bred them to their line..the boy has been show champion several times, won his way to something or another...
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    May 27, 2011
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    Ross and Chet, Welcome back.
    Chet, say it ain't so.Trading your Harley for a JEEP????? Sacrilege!!!
    This is the first day without rain so I am finishing up my 5th coop.
    I will try to get pics of the Tigercreek 4 and the Hupp 5 in a couple of days.
    The raccoon rampage is slowing down like the song " another one bites the dust " boom boom.
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    Feb 15, 2013
    Way to go Kurt! Keep knockin'em down?

    A question for those of you who feed the High Protein Game Bird Starter. How long do you feed it?

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    2.4 kg seems a reasonable weight. [​IMG] Was the other the same breed? What feed are they on? 9 months is scary young for fatty liver!
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    They are on Non Soy non corn feed. The report said it did not have to do with feed--Some breeds are prone to it.

    After the first one died of Fatty Liver disease, I made sure that they do not get carbs. The worst they get is a small tea cup of BOSS(Black Oil Sunflower Seed) each day.

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