Average price for Cochins per quality? Did I over pay?

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Aug 26, 2019
First actual thread here so apologies for any crazy format or giant pics. I'll get used to it eventually lol.

As some of you may know from my introduction thread, we just recently bought a Cochin pullet. We have fallen so in love with her that we've decided that we must have more. I am also seriously considering getting into breeding for show quality birds. Too many politics in my horse breed registry nowadays. Showing is no longer fun.... So why not try showing chickens instead! :lau

I am completely new to the Cochin breed. I know they're supposed to be fluffy heart shaped proofs with super feathered feet. That's about it...

What type of price do 3-5 month old pullets usually go for? For pet quality/breeder quality/show quality?

Here are some pictures of our Gracie. I paid $30 for her at 4 months old. She's about 5 months old now. Did I get taken advantage of? Was I blinded by her cuddly personality? The breeder had others from the same hatch going for between $20 - $35. She is the only one I felt certain was a pullet. The others I wasn't positive on. Also, she was advertised as calico. Is that correct? Trying to learn everything! If she checks out, I will be returning to the same breeder this coming spring.

I would like to preface these pictures with this - I severely underestimated how difficult it would be to take pics of her with my phone all by myself. I am not super happy with these pics, but they are the best I could manage alone. Most turned out like the last pic. 20190905_121933.jpg 20190905_121703.jpg 20190905_121906.jpg 20190905_122050.jpg 20190905_122122.jpg

Thanks for reading my essay! :p
Was she worth it to you? That's all that matters. Hatchery birds generally go between 3-15 dollars. The 15 is for sexed bantams from MPC.

Breeder birds can go anywhere from 5-50 here depending on age, quality and color. It's generally supply and demand, and what folks are willing to pay.
I'm not all that familiar with Cochin in general, but I've seen them on CL for $35 per pair of day old chicks, not sure on the quality though.
Was she worth it to you?
I would have to agree, or also ask if it was worth it to you.
One of my chickens cost me $75, and and took a 4 hours round trip to go get, but it was worth every penny in my mind. I could have got a cheaper bird from a different breeder, but I did get exactly what I wanted regarding breed and quality. My all time favorite chicken though was only $5, and I would have paid $50 if that's what it took.
I am no stranger to traveling for something I want if it fits the bill. I have traveled out of state for horses and dogs. I knew what I was looking at/for too though. I don't regret buying her at all. She's a great little girl. ❤
She looks to be well bred from what I can see, and healthy. $30 is a decent price for a 4 month pullet. Some folks around here sell run of the mill hybrid layers for $25, so why not.

I once paid $25 each for day old, straight run chicks. And drove about 3 hours each way to get them. They were worth every penny, and then some.
Your lovely lady is a wonderful find. Very beautiful. Love the pictures. As long as you enjoy her, I'd say the price is good. Prices vary, chicks tend to be cheaper.
I got my cochin for 50 cents. I didn't even order or plan to get the cochin. She was a happy accident that got mixed in.
Thank you Wally. What an adorable accident!

Thanks Birds of a Feather. I noticed that. It's really a shame because the calico/Miller fleurs are so gorgeous.
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