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    I hatched two chicks. I have a broody mommy who is trying to sit on some eggs and this hen has hatched her own and raised many babies. I have the two in my garage and would like them out and have my hen raise them so I dont have to introduce them later on. I've done this with day old babies and she accepted them with no problem. These chicks are two weeks old. I put them in the nesting box with her, she seemed interested. She even tried to sit on them but they squirmed out. All three just stood there looking at each other. The little ones started chirping and moving around, she leaned down to took at them then started pecking. Not hard just little pecks. The babies freaked out and one jumped out so I put it back and then more pecking...I took them out. Is this normal? Is this her way of telling them something or doing what she is suppose to do? I will try again I just need to know what I'm looking for if she is accepting or not of them.

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    Did you make sure to put the chicks in after the hen went to sleep at night? I have made a few mistakes with my broody hens, and I learned they usually won't take a chick if it is during the day time.

    With my one of my first broodies, I had a very similar experience as you mentioned, with chicks that were 8 days old. I think it is normal. I ended up rehoming the first chicks and getting two day old chicks. She took those happily after sleeping on them overnight.
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    They may just be too old for her to accept them. By 2 weeks, they have grown a lot.

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