Baby Flying please.


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Dec 19, 2009
haughton louisiana
I went to my sons house yesterday and they had a baby flying squirrel in a hamster/crab cage????? I got to feeding it and volunteered to take it. We have the powdered kitten milk and a tiny bottle for it. We have a heat lamp close to the cage for warmth. It has its hair and it crawls up your shirt to look around. LOL I realize it is hard to keep something alive like this but my tender side has kicked in.

Any advise would be helpful.

I will try and get a pic up in a little while.
I found a baby flying squirrel many many years ago and ended up taking it to a wildlife rehab center. If it's got fur and it's active I think it probably has a decent chance of survival. Keep doing what you're doing and keep scouring the net for more information... Good luck! I remember how cute my little guy was for the week or so that I had him, wish I could've kept him
Was he picked up by a cat? cat saliva can be bad for them and make them sick, my squirrel was given some antibiotic because he had places from the cat holding him. He had less hair than that one, and now is doing great! Fl allows squirrels as pets, but I'm hoping I can return him to the wild.
We've raised them along with regular squirrels, so sounds like you're doing ok. He looks a little thin, though. I'd start mixing some of the formula into a gruel with some rice cereal flakes. If he does good with that, then I'd add some peanut butter in. He needs fattening up!

Good luck!

yeah he is a tiny thing. I have been trying to figure out what to give him for substance. The rice baby cerial? I may try some peanut butter in a little while.

I am not sure where he came from. Don't think there was a cat involved though.
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Try feeding it crickets if will consume them. Animal protein easier to digest and will compliment a diet that is otherwise way off mark when compared to flying squirrel milk. Try not to handle too much. Stressfull. I assume it is still soiling itself or does not deficate / urinate unless stimulated, therefore have moist paper towel to clean up urogential and rectal areas. I like to keep such little guys in a sock. Helps with grooming and thermoregulation.

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