Bantems: which breed??

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    Dec 11, 2011
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    G'day all,

    Elle here ;) I have recently picked out a lovely little shady, well weather protected spot for a small coop (Refer to the "Chichen Paradise" coop page.)
    It is only big enough for 2 full sized birds, going by the 4 square feet per bird, and so decided on raising some bantam chicks while the coop was being built (4 bantams, going on the 2 square foot per bantam rule)
    What type of bantams are best? I want to maybe do a bit of showing in the anual local 'fair', or show, as its refered to in Aus, but mainly pets. I already have 9 thriving full sized fowls, and so I have experience in chickens.
    So, what breed of bantam would be best, in your opinion?

    Elle ;)

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    Jan 14, 2008
    There is no "best". Best for you would be determined based on your personal preferences. I like them all which is why I keep coming home from shows with a trio of something new. As far as showing is concerned any recognized breed/variety can win. My advice would be to either go to a show or get ahold of a copy whatever Standard judges at your poultry shows use & pick out the breed/variety that appeals to you.

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