Bare Underbelly


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11 Years
Jul 27, 2008

My chicken has had a bare underbelly for a while now (, but all of a sudden in the last few days it has gotten much worse (lots of down feathers falling out). None of my other chickens have had this problem.

I want to make sure that this isn't bad, and if it is, I would like to know what to do about it.
I know that chickens get bare bellies when it is broody time, but not sure if that is the problem with your girl. Have you checked for parasites like mites or lice?
We have treated her for mites; I'm pretty sure she doesn't have them.
I would say she is plucking them because she is broody. They sometimes get a little crazy when they go broody. Does she puff up when you get close to her?
Not that I have noticed.

Is there anything we can do to help? Her skin is red.

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