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May 21, 2017
We've got a bunch of mixes too. :) Here are 4 of them...

They're about 8 weeks old. The black cockerel is EE/bantam roo (not positive which one, but could be red bantam cochin); the silver pullet with the "do" is white crested blue Polish/white silkie; the mostly white pullet is buff orpington/white silkie; and the partridge-ish colored pullet is partridge cochin/silkie. :)

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We got six chicks from a 'Barnyard Mix' back in May this year. They're about 6-7wks old now, I've had them for six weeks. I have a feeling they are mixed with either Barred Rocks or Wyandottes (or something similar) some have barring, but one has beautiful lacing. Any guesses? I thought maybe the yellow two were possibly a Buff Orpington/Barred Rock crosses? The fourth and fifth chicks have fully feathered feet...?
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These are some of Eustace's offspring. Sorry the pictures are not great, I'm not a good photographer.

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This chick is 1/2 Brahma, 1/4 Barred Rock, and 1/4 Easter Egger. It is barred with feathered feet, a beard, and a pea comb.
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These two are barred, bearded, and single combed. The one on the right is 1/4 Black Australorp, 1/4 White Leghorn, 1/4 Barred Rock, and 1/4 Easter Egger.
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This chick is half Bielefelder and half Brahma. It has a pea comb and feathered feet.
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These are such unique mutts! I wonder how they look now.


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May 21, 2017
Some more of ours. :)

Cotton--mottled bantam cochin roo/frizzled silkie hen
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Smokey--red cochin bantam roo/sapphire olive egger hen
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Andy--red bantam cochin roo/gold sebright hen
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Bruce--white silkie roo/FBCM hen
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Leia--red bantam cochin roo/EE hen
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Mas--gold sebright roo/calico cochin bantam hen
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Those sebright mixes are beautiful!
She's beautiful! If it becomes an official breed, I'm your first buyer!
Thanks! I don’t think Popcorn would approve of other chickens running around that looked just like her. :lol:

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