Barred Rock Breeding Rooster, Marvin Stukel Lines ( SOLD)

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    Apollo is a year old. He is descended from my original Marvin Stukel stock, an old heritage line of Plymouth Rocks. Apollo has the stupendous Stukel tail. Just changing up some pens here.

    **After some inquiry into his temperament, I am adding that Apollo is a good rooster, does not over-breed his two hens, gets out of your way doing chores, has never rushed or flogged anyone, ever. He does not like petting, but he will do the job and be easy to work around. He knows how to free range and watch out for the hens.


    Pickup in Fannin County, GA. Cash only.​

    *****PLEASE have a predator proof night coop and hens for Apollo!****

    We reserve the right to refuse to sell our birds to anyone for any reason!
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    May 25, 2016
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    That's a good looking rooster u got there.
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    Thank you! Apollo is a handsome guy, for sure.
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    If you're looking to raise up one yourself, I have a son out of Apollo as well who is almost 5 weeks old, but I am selling Apollo mainly because the breeding is getting too closely intertwined in this line and I have a new, unrelated line that I want to put his two hens with. Don't want to leave him with none, which would not be fair to him.
    His son:

    And there is a slightly younger son as well, though he is still with his broody mom-on the left with the Brahma chicks.

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