Barred Rock Egg Size?

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    We've been spoiled by our six buff orpingtons, who never seem to lay every day but we consistently get four large eggs a day at minimum (and a few days of six a day). We've been raising some barred rocks to take over when the buffs slow down (they are well over a year now) and the barred rocks started laying - well, three have, at 20 weeks old. We got the usual soft shelled egg (tiny) followed by a hard shelled egg (tiny). Great. Every couple of days or so, we're getting two or three *more* tiny eggs. From the same three chickens. ("how do you know?" - We watched.)

    No problem with the eggs in taste, but it takes three of them to make a normal buff egg, and it would take five to match the monsters one of the buffs seems to lay every few weeks (must be a duck crossbreed - duck orpington).

    How large are barred rock eggs normally? Will the egg size increase?
    I ask because we basically have buyers for every single egg we don't eat, and I would feel bad selling them these itty bitty trophy eggs. The rocks are easily the size of (or larger!) than the buffs, so I didn't figure the size of the bird would weigh into it.
  2. the eggs will get bigger as they get older
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    Yeah, the eggs will get bigger. Beginner pullet eggs are always small, but don't stay that way for too long.

    My barred rocks put out such healthy and large eggs that when one of my buff hens went broody at only 5 and 1/2 months old, she successfully hatched three of the barred rock eggs -- and the barred rocks that laid those eggs were also less than 5 and 1/2 months old when they laid them.

    We had to rehome the cockerel that came out of that clutch, but we still have the two pullets -- beautiful, healthy girls born from the eggs of barred rock pullets who were not even six months old when the baby chicks were born.

    That is how healthy barred rock eggs are, even at five and a half months old...
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    The eggs will get bigger. My BR laid pretty large eggs, then she went through her first molt, and now the eggs are jumbo size. She's 1 1/2 years old now.
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    I've got both Barred Rock and Buff pullets that are about 25 weeks old. They are all laying and I can't tell any difference in egg size. Egg size is slowly increasing, still not very big at this point.
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    Quote:My Buff Orps and Barred Rocks are 23 weeks old and they lay the same sized egg as well. They are still pretty small but definitely getting larger as each week passes. The only difference between the eggs are the shade of brown.

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