bator buddies unite!!! *New hatch day questions* at the end


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Mar 23, 2009
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Cross your fingers and join my first ever incubator batch, I have a hovabator and its been up and running steady for 24 hours, recieved my eggs yesterday (from pamperedpoultry and recieved 11!!) they arrived on time and intact . split lavenders and Mottled cochins eggs, 3 oegb spangles I hope, and two extras (not sure what they are Pamperedpoultry this ones for you??)((and Thanks, I love surprises and its like an early birthday present)) Temps set at 100.4 and humidity at 65%,

and one else warming up the bator?
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I also have a momma silkie on 13 eggs, 3 hatched, and 1 is doing great, one I accidently fried
had the heat lamp too close, and the 3rd came out with its umbellical cord area bleeding and never got up.

Its been 16 hours since my last one hatched
but hoping to see more, I have 2 started but thats last I saw last night

Can't wait to see how my bator holds up!

My 4 year old has named the 1st chick Toughy, but I sure hope it gets a friend!
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I'll be your hatch buddy!

I've just popped 6 eggs in my Brinsea Oct 10 an hour ago. I've a mixed box of bantam eggs from ebay and they are the prettiest colours from green to white to dark brown. Should be fun! This is my second batch and just as exciting as the first. I got 3/3 red/black Araucuna's chicks last time, they are just over a week old and hilarious to watch!

fingers crossed for good hatches!

Good luck, Cindy x
Day 4 here.

I couldn't stand the anticipation and I candled a few. Good thing I did, cuz 1 was cracked and oozing a bit.

Now I'm trying to sit on my hands and stay out of the bator.
Set 11 on 10/4 at 12:45. All Banty's for a friend. Her Son has been wanting Silver Phoenix for a long time and I just lucked into a brood. Hopefully they will be pure as I run my chickens completely free range. If not, we'll all find out what a Silver Phoenix X White Cochin looks like.....

I've got my fingers crossed for 10 chipmunks and 1 little yellow.

It's day 10. I candled last night to check the ones I marked with ?. I still can't see much in the blue and green eggs. Most of them don't look clear, and I just see dark mass. Two of the blue and green eggs are questionable. I'll be checking those in a couple days.
Of the 4 bantam blue orps I had. Two definitely had blood rings. I was correct on those, and could see them much clearer now. I took those two out. I'm still not sure on the other two, and will have to check them again in a couple days.
My brown eggs seem to be doing the best. I saw a few more with movement inside
They are mostly my Isa browns. A couple of my RI reds look great also. I guess Gandalf had better success with the brown egged girls.

I'm not sure what they will look like, but EE/Isa, and EE/RIR should look interesting. I'm assuming not all my EE eggs are bad. I just can't see much thru the shell. I guess we will just have to be patient and see.

Next update in a few days.

Hi everyone, I set a few [3] on the 25 of Sept also and they are all alive and well, I only set a few and they were a gift from a friend, also "surprise eggs" I have no idea what they are, I'm thinking Buff Laced Polish, and I also added one more egg to the bator this AM, a Black Silkie laid her first egg and I grabbed it and set it.
It may be no good though........
OOOOPs I forgot I put a "stray" egg in with the others on 9/25 also, it is a Speckled Sussex/Silkie cross and it is doing fine also.
What a fun day hatching day will be! Can't wait to see who hatches from these eggs.
Do you all get eggs in the mail? I am afraid to do that, plus the shipping is a killer sometimes.
I'd like some nice Silkie eggs, any color, but not sure who to get them from, any ideas?

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