Best cheaper incubator?


Mar 19, 2018
Santa Cruz
I would like suggestions on incubators. What kind do you use? I've only ever used a styrofoam one and I think I'd like to upgrade. Is there a big difference in the hatch rate between a styrofoam vs. a more expensive plastic one?
I have a 1588 genesis (styro) that I've used for a few years. It gets as good of hatch rates as my brinsea octagon or my gqf cabinets.

Compared to hatch rates I got out of another styro LG. The genesis was leaps and bounds better.
Yes, I love my 1588 genesis. Holds temp and humidity really well and cannot complain about the price. Use independent calibrated thermometer and hygrometer along with those provided to keep everything as it should be. Dont rely on the temp and humidity readings with the incubator, they are usually off.
I have a Janoel 12 for around $60 that i used for my first attempt at incubation. Only 1 egg even started developing and it was a very early quitter. According to the more sensitive thermometer/hygrometer combo I'd put in there, it had been steadily drifting away from its set temperature over the 10 days or so that I had it running, and I kept having to adjust it so the thermometer continued to read ~99.5. I decided it was junk and bought an Rcom 10 for almost $200 :sick I'm at the end of my first run using both of them (10 in the Rcom and the remaining 3 in the Janoel). This time I ignored fluctuations in the thermometer in the Janoel, and all eggs in both incubators made it to lock down. So while I was skeptical at first, and it doesn't have as many bells and whistles as the Rcom, it seems like the Janoel can do all the basics as well as a higher end incubator.
Genesis GFQ 1588 worked great!
I just got a used R-com 20 and will try that out in a week.
Lyon HiFi cabinet - Worked great! They no longer make this style
Redwood Old Incubator: Worked good
Lyon Turn x - worked good
Hand me down Styrofoam incubator - worked good even with the crack in the bottom

I like the ones that are preset! and have a humidity reading in them.

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