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    Aug 14, 2011
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    i have two mille fleur pyncheons and they are together all the time. they both lay there eggs in the same nest box. the other day i went out to feed them and all the other animals and i say them sitting together. it just think it is neat. but these two will share the nest box together but if i put another hen in the pen with they they go crazy and both attack and try to kill the other hen. they share space and everything else together and with the rooster. but they won't with another pyncheon hen they rather kill her. i thought this was pretty neat. plus we also have two sebastopol geese that are sitting together on eggs as well. well we know they will be well taken care of.
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    Feb 24, 2009
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    It sure is amazing how territorial chickens can be. And it's funny how they have relationships with eachother.

    I've got three older hens, a Golden Buff Hybrid, and she's 5 and no longer lays eggs, then I've got a Cream Brabanter who's 4 and no longer lays, then I've got an Olive Egger hen who is 1 year old. Anyhow, the Olive Egger just hatched five babies. Only my two older girls are permitted to get a close look a the babies.

    Mama does not tolerate the newer chickens getting around the babies at all! She will really attack them and give them a hard peck if they get too close, but she does trust her old friends, who approach very cautiously.

    Chickens are so interesting.....
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    What pretty hens! I like the two contrasting colors as they sit in the box.[​IMG]

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