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    Apr 7, 2012
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    I have a roo that is right at a year old. He has NEVER attacked anyone..... Yesterday we had to expand the coop to allow room for the new chicks. Felix has been in with the hens for about 3 months, up until that time he had been separated. This morning, my lovely Felix attacked me. I chalked it up to the HOT pink and gray stripe dress I was wearing. I actually hit him with a bamboo pole upside the head. This evening while dressed in all black, I went out to see the girls and him.... HE didn't mess with me at all while I was facing him.... The second I turned my back to leave he attacked me again!!!!! I don't want to have to be violent with him, and I'm not particularly fond of the idea of chasing him down to pet and talk to him....... any other suggestions? This is him while he was isolated.
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    He is a beautiful rooster.

    There could be a couple of things...but maybe it has to do with his age, combined with the changed circumstances to your coop..etc.
    Testosterone affecting his fight or flight responses?

    Is there a way you can be protected from him and yet not have to actually try to befriend him? As you say chase down and pet and talk to? Could you Keep a safe distance and keep your guard up when you are in the pen where he is sort of thing?
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    I wonder if he's started attacking now because he has hens to protect? When my roo finally decided to give me the first (and next to last) spur, he got the boot. I didn't kick him hard, I didin't want to hurt him as much as I wanted to scare the crud outta him. The last time he did it, I didn't just kick at him, I more or less threw him with my foot. I followed through with the swing, but it wasn't the impact of my foot on him, it was his impact on the coop wall that shook his tree. He jumped up and I chased him. That was the last time he ever came at me again. We made peace several days later when I offered him a treat and he ate from my hand. But he never even bumped my leg again.

    Oh, and he is a beauty!
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    Apr 7, 2012
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    Thanks for the advice!! [​IMG] This morning when I did went out and I realized what was happening and put on shoes (instead of my flip flops.... my toes are HOT pink also) on my way back in I grabbed a piece of bamboo pole and when he came at me I whacked him with it GOOD in the side of his head/neck area) I thought that would fix him. Then when he did it again, this evening I kinda expected it. He would fluff up and flap but never charged me, the second I turned he came at me! I just sort of stomped and kicked at him.... I guess I will wear my boots from now on... I just slipped on something to cover my toes and that left my feet wide open.

    He also attacked on that I was caring for when I let her down yesterday. He attacked the back of her head!! Like he was scolding her or something!

    I also don't want him to injure the kiddies when they help with cleaning, collecting, and feeding etc. I hope this isn't a permanent thing or he may just as well be castrated because I can take them away as quickly as I gave them to him... the girls that is!!
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    OUr beloved Marylou became chciken dinner (I gave him away not having the heart to eat him myself)

    Right about a yer he started flogging me, badly. I would kick him, hard (make him land a few feet away), broom, etc. Chase him. everything I could think of. The last straw was when I had just gathered eggs in my swimsuit and was about to join our kid sin the hot tub, marylou brought me to my KNEES in the muddy yard by flogging me and scratching the heck out of my bare legs. All I had in hand were the gathered eggs, which I pelted at him, he kept coming so I grabbed a garden hose and whipped him with it. even that didn;t stop him. I screamed bloody murder for my husband to come help me. A few days later I posted a free chicken dinner on craigslist.

    hope your situations goes better

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