Black Holland Lop Rabbit with All Supplies- 10 months old *Spayed*


8 Years
Sep 26, 2011
North Carolina
Minerva (Minnie) is a 10 month old female black holland lop bunny we have up for free adoption. All of her supplies including the cage, food, toys, water jug and feeder, come with her no charge! She likes to play with you with her toys and she will come up and and nudge your hand but she does not like being touched unless she is destracted by treats. If you want her as a cuddly bunny she will need an owner that is experienced in taming rabbits. I would prefer a PM if you are interested as I won't be checking this classified as often. We are in Cary, NC so be willing to drive all the way here!

She really is a sweet bunny and i'm sure she would be perfect after she is tamed.
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