Brahma genders?


6 Years
Jul 14, 2017
Hello so ive just got 2 brahma pullets for my brahma cock(i think?) so he has some girlfriends that are the same breed. Well i picked these two a few days ago, a lemon pyle brahma and a light brahma. They are 2-3 months old and the lemon is older than the light so is significantly bigger.

The breeder said that they were 100% female and he knows how to sex them from 4 weeks old which i was surprised. Well he said he sold the roo that was with the lemon and i had 2 pullets i can choose from. Well for both the lemon and light i picked the one that looked most like a pullet (from my knowledge). I don’t have a lot of experiences with brahmas and i just wanted to confirm their genders.

The girls also came in from brooders that used holes to get rid of poo not bedding so their feathers look dirty and they came in very smelly. I did give them a bath the second day and they seemed to enjoy it. Now they are still staying in quarantine. Here are the pics.

lemon pyle, older



light brahma, younger

My 2 month old (roo?)

Lemon Pyle is male. Light Brahmas are a female and a male
oh no if the lemon do turn out to be male hope that i get switch him with a pullet. what makes the lemon a roo? since the lemon is 1-1.5 month older than my light roo thought comparing the combs could help since it is less pink. im new to this whole brahma sexing thing and gosh are they hard to sex.
i was suspicous about the lemon, im not sure what about it but it looks kinda like my roo. the back feathers of the lemon is a bit messed up since it was kept in a cage brooder so the feathers were scraped against the cage. not sure if it looks like saddle feathers?
Coming from a person who’s not the best at sexing brahmas, it looks to me like nothing is screaming roo just yet. Maybe a little too young for me to tell though. Anyone know?

Here is a pic of my chick around 8 weeks i think, i was starting to see three rows and pinkish comb. Although i think my brahma was pretty early with the pink comb.
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