Mar 16, 2018
Can someone help me with what breed these are. The store said they had black Indian runners, buffs and pekin. They're obviously not runners. They seem to have too much cooor variation for pekin, so are they buffs or is the store wrony (they didn't sound sure at all). Also any guess on gender yet? So hard to tell with the red light but I think the one behind is possibly male and in front female? The one behind has a darker beak


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There were some in the cage at the store that were much darker and brown all over I thought those were the runners? I don't mind what kind I got just confused haha. Any guess on gender?


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Unsure.Guve it a couple weeks we will see.On google or even here possibly there should be a nice long breed departing list naming all colors.
100% Welsh Harlequin ducklings. :)
Oo actually I think this does make the most sense. I see what they're saying about runners but they were very wary so we'r standing as high as they could. Anyway according to wiki you can tell them apart sex wise and I think I'm right. There's the dark bill male and then a female with a lighter beak and a black spot on the tip of it. Oh dear and apparently they are broody. I see a ton of ducklings in my future!!!

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