Broke his neck!!!

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    Jul 26, 2009
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    Last night after feeding everyone I went out to shoo the last few chickens into the coop and found one dead on the ground. One of my roosters. I think that he fell off the enclosed pen I use for older chicks where everyone likes to sit. Its only like 3 and a half feet of the ground! Im pretty sure that he just fell wrong and broke his neck judging by the angle of his head and neck. He was pretty heavy too (10+lbs) so Im sure that helped. Its sad because although he wasnt the prettiest rooster and had a really funny shaped comb he was my only boy that I would trust to turn my back on without him going after me (they are 5-6 months and FULL of it!). Anyone ever have anything like this happen before?

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    Dec 16, 2008
    That's a bummer...sorry about your rooster. My brother had one fly out and clip the edge of the barn, he thought he hit his head or broke his neck. It was a rooster, and he also died. Accidents happen...we all trip and fall, doesn't matter if we're human or chicken.[​IMG] (although, that doesn't sound that far to fall, maybe it was a bad angle)

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