Brown Leghorn or Welsummer, Hen or Roo?


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I got this in a McMurray rainbow layer mix. It's nine weeks old now. It was being picked on and had a bare spot on it's back so I moved it into another cage with a tiny chicken of the same breed that was also picked on. Now I'm beginning to think it might be a roo. Why would a roo be picked on by a bunch of pullets, unless you think there could have been another roo in the cage. Thanks for any insight.




I hope these pictures are ok. It was hard to take them because (s)he freaked out with the camera around.
Brown Leghorn and as far as the sex's kind of confusing. It has some pretty long and pointed saddle feathering but I would think that the comb and wattles would be much more red. Leghorn hens have large combs so it being so large at that age may not be a big deal. I think I have to go with Roo...just because of the saddle feathering.
Brown leghorn hen..100% chance it's not a roo..Brown leghorn roos are NOT that color at all she has no saddle feathers that is how leghorn's feather and the comb is tiny for one that age..if it were a roo that is
We have a yard full of leghorns see them like this every day
Leghorn hen, the brown leghorn roos are the classic red and black---I'm sure there's a name for it but can't remember. Omega birds get picked on, just be sure she has enough room to get away from the bossy birds.
What is an Omega bird??? We have a brown leghorn hen and she is always getting pecked at. Plenty of room to get away form the others, but it's made her real skiddish.
Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet. Omega is the last letter.

The Alpha hen is the boss. The Omega is the last one in the pecking order.

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