Buff Laced / Gold Laced Brahma coloring


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May 22, 2012
North Dakota
Hello all, with the buff laced and gold laced colored brahmas I've read that the buff laced need to be crossed with the gold laced so as the buff don't start turning more white in the next generations. Right now I have 4 Buff laced and 1 Gold Laced pullets and several gold laced cockerels. Will I still expect to get buff laced out of any future hatchings, since my only male would be gold laced? I really prefer the buff laced, which is why I'm wondering though I really do like one of the gold laced cockerels, he has some nice blue under coloring.

Going out on a limb, with my limited understanding of these two color patterns, but I should get a mix of both gold laced and buff laced? Though maybe more of a redish-buff lacing? Thank you
To the best of my understanding, they are basically the same color pattern, with buff laced have the addition of dominant white.

Dominant white requires but a single copy to show it's presence in a bird, unlike recessive white, which requires two copies. So your buff laced may be carrying one, or two, copies of dominant white.

If a buff hen carries two copies of dominant and is bred to a gold laced male, all her chicks will be one copy buffs.

If a buff hen carrying a single copy of dominant white is bred to a gold laced male, half her chicks will be one copy buffs, the other half will be gold laced.
For what it's worth, based on what I've seen of most of the buff laced, more people would do well to cull primarily based on type, (or lack there of), and make color/pattern a secondary concern.

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