Bumblefoot? Limping, swollen & warm


Jan 10, 2021
One of my Polish hens started walking funny the other day and I noticed the pad of her foot was bigger than the other.

Since then she has a bad limp, there’s a bump on the bottom of her foot that’s pinkish and now her leg is starting to swell and it’s all warm.

I thought it might be bumblefoot without the scab (there’s no scab & doesn’t feel like there’s a kernel in there.

I’ve been spraying her with Vetericyn multiple times a day and doing epsom salt soaks when she’ll allow it. Is there anything else I can do, like should I try to give her antibiotics? If so do you know what kind, the dosage and where I could get them?


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How is she doing?

In the photo, is her joint swollen? Any oozing of the joint?
She’s the same more or less. It’s possible the swelling has gone down a little but it’s possible I’m imagining things. We’ve kept up the same treatment but just started a broad spectrum antibiotic.
There’s no oozing anywhere and nothing has gotten worse.

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