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    This is my first winter with my birds: chickens, guineas, and ducks. At the end of the summer I was given 6 adult hens to go with all my young-ins. It took them awhile to settle in but I started to get a egg or 2 every few days after about 3 weeks. Now it is the middle of winter and I'm gettin between 5 and 8 a day and my young ones havent started yet. I didnt think chickens layed as much durning the winter time. I have more eggs then I know what to do with. How long will they last in the fridge? What is the norm for an adult hen per day. Thanks for any help. Also when should my guineas start laying? They where born the first part of May. Thanks.
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    My eggs last quite a while in the fridge. I take cartons full to church and give them away. But lately people have started buying them for $2.00 a dozen. They won't take them for free. It's my egg money![​IMG]

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