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A small stray kitten showed up at the dairy last week-I guess someone dumped it. I'm so not a cat person but I've been giving it milk & some cat food out of pity & it's attached itself to me. It comes when I call, rolls on it's back to beg for tickles & let me put it on my lap today for the first time. There are huge mean dogs on the property though that are cat killers & it's days are numbered. I've called all my friends but cats are such pests here that no on wants it & there is no local shelter. I'm foreign btw. I'm tempted to take it in myself but I have issues with animal hair & even stroking it makes it's hair fly. I'd love some thoughts. P.S. I REALLY have issues with animal hair, all my pets are hairless. What if it scratches up my house or tries to eat my house chicken. Also, I have a not too cat friendly inside dog.



Last Update. Well this is how it turned out:



I'm a sucker.
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Awww! Its already happened! You and this kitty are attached
I will tell you that if you feed the sweet thing a good quality food and give it about a month and it may not shed near as much. Also stress will make a kitty shed too! I hope you decide to take it home
Aww, note his/her tail shape in that first pic...in cat body language that means it feels happy when you're near and is wanting love from you and to give you lovins. Just look at those eyes...the way it looks at you, so hoping. You have to keep it.
A little place of its own safe from the dog or maybe the dog will come around to love it or when the dog understands the cat is your property to be respected. A quick 30 second brush each day will mean basically no hair floating around.
Dani, the one pet I hated the most. Scooter. I did not want that dog, he drove me nuts as a puppy. I was not kind. Not abusive, no, just not all cuddly and loving. Now?? Holy CRAP I LOVE that stupid dog.

This annoying puppy, cute as hell, made me nuts!!!!


Became this:


He has turned out to be the best dog ever. I am not a dog person. Not at all. I wouldn't trade him for anything.
My suggestion is to take him home and keep him as an outside cat. He will be safer around your house than out at the farm it sounds like.
I live on the farm so he's an inside cat or nothing. I was stroking him today though & it took me 10 minutes to get all the fur off my clothes

He was hunting medium sized rats today. It's not that I have a problem with him because he is a cat, though usually my job is to exterminate cats that come to the dairy. My problem is the hair & the claws.
Everything tastes better with cat hair in it.

I've learned to become one with the cathair, and

to get dressed for work on the porch.

See, that's what I'm trying to avoid. I had a dog like that when I first joined BYC & had to rehome her & now I wont have a dog with hair in my house. Even a Chinese Crested hairless dog had too much hair shedding for me.
My days of outdoor cats are long over. Indoor only for me since eons ago when one of my favorite indoor/outdoor cats was taken by coyotes. Never again.

Ill or under fed cats will shed much more. The pics show that he is at least malnourished. Like others mentioned, stressed cats as he obviously is will blow coat like crazy....a few weeks of free feeding good food could make all the difference in that blowing coat as he gains his health back. Sharp claws can be remedied to whatever extent you're comfy with. Patting only, instead of stroking, will stop the hair clouds, but really, in the time it takes to stroke the cat, may as well have a brush in hand during stroking and it totally stops the flying hair issue. A sticky tape roller for 30 seconds can make short order of any hair on clothing or furniture in the meantime.

I have a white cat and many white rabbits and lots of dark clothing...really, it works.
I'm sure your kitty could be happy with another good indoor home, but sometimes our best companions find us and so we adapt just a tiny wee bit for such appreciation and love that they give us for saving them...and maybe sometimes they are also "saving" or expanding a little part of us.

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