BYC Pay It Forward Event-Get a Free 2021 Calendar

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It was so awesome to see the Thankful for You thread the past few days that I thought we could do something along those lines.

So here it is

This weekend only, purchase a years worth of PFMs in the BYC Store and we will gift a 3 month PFM to the member of your choice AND send you a free 2021 Calendar.

How it works-
Purchase a years worth of PFMs in the Store (NOT through your account here). You can purchase a 12 month PFM or two 6 Month PFMs or four 3 month PFMS. It just has to add up to one year. Then in the notes or comments section, tell us who you want to give them to. And be sure to tell us who you want the bonus 3 month PFM to go to.

I will send a calendar to the address you use for your order. No coupon needed.

Remember, this is only good for PFMs purchased through the BYC Store.

I am hoping this can be an annual event for Thanksgiving weekend. Offer ends 11:59 PM Monday Nov 30, 2020 Pacific Time.
First time purchasing from the BYC Store.
Do I need to log in or register? Or do I just put I’m a returning customer or guest?
If you have ordered something in the past, your email may be registered. So try logging in. If it tells you your email address is already being used while you are trying to register and it won't let you proceed, just order with guest checkout. You will still receive a confirmation and status on your order. :)
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