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Aug 15, 2018
Does anyone know anything about California Grey's? I have a few eggs hatching that are a cross of my Barred Rock rooster and my white leghorn hen and one of the chicks that just hatched out is yellow. I was just surprised cause everything I read about them the female chicks were black like barred rocks and the males were a lighter gray color so I was confused. Is this right?

Brahma Chicken5000

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Sep 26, 2017
Central New Jersey
California Grays or Grey are a pure breed of chicken.
California Whites are a cross between a California Gray cock over a White Leghorn hen. The resulting chicks are yellow with black spots, but only the pullet chicks have headspots.

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Agreed, BrahmaChicken5000 is right. California Grays are not a hybrid. They are an established breed that breeds true. Though they are not yet APA accepted.

Your offspring from your Barred Rock/White Leghorn should produce very good dual purpose birds. They will lay better than Barred Rocks and be meatier than White Leghorns. But will be simply crossbreds none the less.

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