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    I have a broody hen in the house; she went broody in the dog bed under the TV table. Her chicks are 4 days old now.

    I have seen a hen move eggs before, with my very first broody hen (also a BO, interestingly enough). But this time I have been able to watch a broody hen's behavior almost all the time for three weeks.

    Each hen reached across an egg with her beak, then tucked the egg up into her breast feathers, holding it there under her throat (above the crop). Then she makes small steps, carefully keeping the egg tucked securely while she gets out of the nest and into another. She will repaeat this with each egg.

    Throughout incubation, she moves the eggs around beneath her a LOT. She will roll the egg with her beak to move it from the warmest spot to an outer spot not as centered underneath her body. She moves them all, rotating them - so to speak - from hottest to just warm spots and back again.

    But carrying the eggs, that's sheer chicken ingenuity. :love
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    I used my camera tripod to hang the light on by it's clip holder. That way I could adjust the height of the light to what the chicks were comfy with - and move it further away as they needed less and less heat. I also had the legs spread as wide as possible - so it couldn't be tipped over.
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    Amazing! I have seen them turning the clutch while sitting and have seen them roll eggs to a different location, but to actually carry an eggs takes some determination. Or maybe obsession is a better word? Bet they would be really good at that party game where people pass an orange (or something) down the line using only chins!
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    Hi guys and gals. My original flock of 4 ladies is now down to 2 and I'm looking for 3-4 more young pullets to add to the coop. I'm not picky about breed as I have them for entertainment and eggs. These are only for my flock, no breeding, no showing, etc. Does anybody have any available at a reasonable price. Perhaps misfits of gals that are too docile and getting bullied by your others. I'm in Sacramento and will travel 30-40 miles. Let me know what you've got.

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    Ron, and Gryeyes,
    I always wondered how they moved the eggs as well! I imagined that they rolled them with their beaks; but tucking them under their wings, or on their chests? Isn't the eggs a bit too heavy to be carried tucked in the feathers? Ron, do they have that good of a control of their wings? Wow, amazing..
    Or, are you two teasing? I mean, if it is in fact true, next time I have a broody, will keep her in the house, lay bunch of eggs around just to see them carry the eggs..WOW!!!
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    I have only seen wings not chest. But hen are egg ninjas. The bad part about this is if the get too greedy eggs get cold and either do not hatch or have leg problems. I had to put down 2 silkies and have an iffy cl boy from from the 2 silkies sitting on 25 eggs. So don't let them keep everything they steal.

    Dolly went broody on me, and Jim sent me 30 eggs for her....he said some are surprises!! I don't know if she can keep 30! She is a huge bruiser hen however that can puff like no other. She loves babies. She has been in the coop hanging wit the marans that have babies. I'm surprised she made it this long.

    Camp, sent you pm.
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    My Coop
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    How tall is the box? go to home depot and check out the scrap wood bin. for $.51 you can usually find a 1x4 piece that is 4 to 5 feet. set it on top and you can wrap the cord around it a few times to get the height you need Keep it at least 18" off the bottom and from the sides. Card board does not absorb heat as good as wood so try and keep it 2 ft from the sides if you can.
    Ron may have some crele penedesenca x cream legbar crosses he may sell
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    May 19, 2012
    I know [​IMG]
    I think I have 3 roos and 7 hens but that is just a preliminary report.
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    I have some I'm going to be looking to rehome. _My chicken math has gone a little crazy_ What age are you looking for? I have some around a year old, and I have a couple around 10 weeks.
    Silkies, D'uccles, a Barred Rock. The little ones are EE's and Wyandottes. [​IMG]

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