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    Congratulations on getting a trio! [​IMG]

    Small size has been an issue with the Silvers. Jean (Pips&Peeps) has been working on increasing their size. She crossed with her black Ameraucana rooster with her silvers and is now on the 3rd generation of breeding back to silvers and has improved their size. I am lucky to be invited by her to be a part of her silver project [​IMG] Hopefully they will start laying well soon and I will be getting some eggs [​IMG]
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    Jan 26, 2010
    Guinda CA
    YES!!!! [​IMG] I'm so excited/worried. They are due for delivery here tomorrow. I'm wondering if it would be better to pick them up wherever the distribution center is? I do have a tracking #. They left Kansas City this morning. So far away and I keep thinking about those MM chicks. Then I tell myself that these are stronger.

    I will have plenty!
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    [​IMG] That makes me so happy!

    Call the Postmaster in Guinda that you like and have her get the real tracking. The website does not update when the shipment hits the air. They could go to SF and if so go get them. If they hit West Sac it would be ok to wait.

    Great news!
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    Apr 28, 2010
    SF Bay Area, CA
    I have 1 Silver hen from John Blehm. I agree that size is a big issue with Silvers. Amelia is 2 years old and my tiniest hen. She is even smaller than my tiny Lavender AMs. She hardly laid last year but this year, after her molt, she has been laying 3 or 4 small blue eggs/week with the occasional little fart egg.
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    That is so sad!

    I can see why you want those Blue Egg layers from the UofArkansas.....
  6. PetRock

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    Apr 28, 2010
    SF Bay Area, CA
    I do, I do!!! I have 5 blue egg layers (1 BW Am, 2 Lav Ams, 1 Silver Am, & 1 CL) and for the first time, they are all at least laying 3-5 eggs/week! The one that lays the most and biggest eggs is my Cream Legbar.
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    Aug 30, 2010
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    [​IMG]I think I just cooked my chicks. What is the highest possible temps they can withstand?

    My incubator temp guage and my spot check have been EXACT every time I have checked. So I haven't used the Spot Check a whole lot.

    I have brought the temp down a little in the last couple of days because it seemed the incubator was having a tough time keeping things in the set range. That should have been my FIRST clue to do a spot check.

    Well, I watched it after I lowered it a little, and this morning, when it should have been on the cooler side, it was reading high, so I did a spot check at egg level at it was 101.8...... I am having to assume it has been like that for the last two days at least since I started seeing issues with the temp.

    I thought the incubator was doing it's job and it would get up ot 100.4 on the Genesis and then it would cool it back down to where I had it set at 99.7. BUT, this morning when I decided to make sure, it read 101.8!!!!

    This is day 18..... Now I don't know if I should try to stabilize the temps and wait until day 19 to do lock down? Or since they have been on the hotter side of incubation maybe if any survived they will hatch early and I should do lock down today?

    Uncertainty is my enemy. I get sad, then I get angry, then I get insecure! lol psycho case!

    Any suggestions from the hatching pros? Do you think they are all dead? I had 37 eggs what day do they generally start making ANY noise? I am tempted not to put them in the cartons at lockdown just so I can see if any move. Waiting 3 more days to see if I killed them all SUCKS!

    I wanted BABIES. Watching everyone with babies has been torture. Now the hatchery babies aren't good enough. They have to be mine! Buying hatchery babies now feels like I cheated to get to the end of the game.[​IMG]
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    You would have to get over 102 to kill them. They might just hatch a little early. [​IMG]
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    Apr 27, 2012
    Newcastle California

    When you buy the small bubble wrap. What width do you buy. I want to make it as easy and cost effective as possible. Thank you so much.
  10. ronott1

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    It is lockdown soon so candle them to see if they are alive. If you see any moving then set all that do not smell an look like they have something in them.

    Even with heat it is harder to kill them now, at the end of the hatch, and you were not too far out of the safe zone. Use the spot check and get the temperature down to 98 for the hatch and go for 65% humidity or so.

    I have heard of temps going as high as 118 and having chicks hatch. Another said that 120 killed them. There is hope! [​IMG]

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