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Oct 15, 2016
South Jersey
Looking to pick up a chick for my broody hen. Can anyone tell me by the feathering if there is a chance any of these are female? These chicks are less than a week old if that helps.
Maybe someone with more experience can correct me if I'm wrong but from what I have read only certain breeds can be sexed by feathers and that's wing feathers. There sex linked chicks were females will come out one colour and a male a different colour or even different patterns on the head but without knowing breed and if they are sex linked etc you'll have to wait at least 4-6 weeks
NicolleJean hi. It is very early to know for sure which one of those poussins will be female. It has been my experience that chicks less than 28 days old, with the most prominent tail feathers will be female. From your picture I'd bet the lightest colored chick to be female.
What is the plan if the broody refuses? I'd get at least three in case she does and make plans for the unwanted cockerel(s) if you can't find sexlink chicks.

Oh, and the one with full wings if you're determined to pick just one (4th one down).
I have a brooder in place in case it does not work out. Sonfar songood though. Thanknyou all fornyour advice. I did not pick any of the above chicks as the lady had a much younger chick available...and I am not worried about gender if it turns out to be a roo, I would have just preferred a hen. :)

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