Can the world really be this crazy?

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Devil's Advocate:

Personally, I think any bath-time photos that show inappropriate parts (which the captions states were shown) should be deleted from the camera or chip.
I would assume it was a film camera, since they took it in for development. You can not delete photos from film before developing.

I have those types of pics of my daughter......after 28 years I still threaten to expose her.

It is sad we can not still have innocence.
It could have been film, but it could also have been that they dropped off the memory card and would pick it up later. We don't know all the details, but the photos do appear grainy so who knows?
I was just watching a TV show called Raising the Bar with a very similar situation. A dad posted a pic of his son in the bathtub on a social website for family and friends to see because it was cute. A pediphile took the photo from his site and sold it on a kiddie porn site. The prosecutor wanted to put this dad in jail and label him as a sex offender because he basically gave the pediphile the photo and had his child "perform" a sex act. Hello people. This is not a sex act. And although this is not exactly the same situation, this dad in the show probably should not have posted this on a social website, but it was done innocently. It is totally crazy what this world has come to.
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