Can you sex eggs?


10 Years
Feb 27, 2009
south georgia
This was a question posed by a potential customer wanting to buy chicks! She didn't want any roosters, just hens. Wanted to know if I could just set female eggs!! :bowGEEZZZZZZ! Needless to say some people really need to do some research before they get animals! Don't even know how to respond to her email. I don't think I'll be selling her anything though.
Just explain that you cannot sex eggs. If you could, the commercial hatcheries would only go through the expense of hatching the sex they wanted and sell the rest of the eggs for eating. Sounds like she is doing her research by asking somebody that she thinks would know (you).
Let's see, if you take a set of keys and dangle them over an egg lying on its side, if the keys move longitudinally there is a 50% chance egg holds a pullet but if they go across the egg then there is a 50% chance it is a cockerel. Or maybe it's the other way, can't quite remember.
If I could do that I wouldn't end up with so many roo's myself! I quess we all have to learn as we go. I certainly did. But there is such a thing as common sense! Maybe I could start doing tiny ultrasounds!
I don't know... HONESTLY, when my incubator ran cool I ended up with all females.. And when it ran warm, all males

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