Carport Coop Build


6 Years
Jan 5, 2014
Kansas City Area
Eventually I will put this in the coop section but I thought I'd start a thread here also for my new coop build. We recently moved to a house on 4.5 acres and wanted to build a large coop for what will be a significantly larger flock than we've previously had. The coop at our old house was a Wichita cabin style coop that was 5x6 with a 6x10 run that comfortably housed 6-7 chickens. For this coop we decided to convert a carport to avoid the hassle of having to roof a larger structure-our least favorite part of the last coop build. Here's what we've accomplished so far, we hope to have to done in the next week so we can get the run completed. This should house between 25-35 chickens. So far we are really happy with this coop!

IMG_6752.JPG IMG_6806.JPG IMG_6815.JPG IMG_6817.JPG IMG_6816.JPG IMG_6820.JPG IMG_6843.JPG IMG_6858 2.JPG

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