Cat Behavior Problem, please help!

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    I have three cats. Peek A Boo is oldest (Siamese, 8), General (Mr Mellow, 7), and Bonzai (problem causer, 6). Bonzai and Peek never got along. They were like the evil stepmom v the ugly duckling. Only the ugly duckling grew up to be 13 lbs. They learned to tolerate each other but there has always been a certain level of tension and a fight about every two to three months.

    More recently Bonzai has laid claim to the downstairs and will not allow Peek to be down there unless the Cat Police (ie, me) is there. That caused some problems until I figured it out as the litter boxes were down there and in forcing her away from them he caused her to start using blankets and cloths that fell on the floor.

    We finally fixed that somewhat by putting two litter boxes upstairs. That fixed things for all of two months but now I am catching him attacking her in the upstairs litter boxes and specifically guarding those. She has started avoiding them again and that has put laundry piles and throw blankets in danger again.

    Any advise? Nothing I have done seems to affect the base problem...

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    Cats like chickens have a social order. Bonai is just asserting his dominance over Peek. At this point in the game the easiest solution is to keep the cats separated at all times.

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