Cement flooring??

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12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I am going to get the coop and chickens that I have longed for --forever(well it seems that long)! Dh said he would purchase the materials and ds and sil are giving me the labor for Mother's Day!!
Dh wants to build it on a cement 'pad' that is already on the property.. "to prevent anything from digging into the coop"! Is it ok to have a cement floor in the coop? Problems?? Thank you so much Dixie
I'm sorta new to all this but mine have been on a cement floor for almost a year now. I have plenty of bedding down but it sure makes it easier to clean for me.
Absolutely! IMO cement is the best option for the floor, it's just so expensive that most people can't afford it. You are a step ahead by already having the pad in place.

Your hubby is right about it being the best solution for keeping predators out of the hen house.

Just use plenty of wood shavings or other bedding and the chickens will be just fine.

A suggestion is to build a clean out door to help when you do clean out the house. Then you can just sweep/shovel out the bedding into a wheel barrow or such that is sitting outside under the clean out door.

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